Clan Cataleya

Clan Cataleya

home of dachshunds who steal your heart and soul

Our story ...

We have loved dachshunds all our life. The first dachshund I had when I was born was a short hair, standard red male. He was so stubborn as one dachshund can be. But his love and commitment to us was extraordinary. Best buddy ever.

I got a second dog when my own children were born. Of course a red short haired standard male. Taffy was a full family member. A dog who loved to walk long distances, swim and dig outside. He slept in our bed and wanted to be always close to us.

Losing our loved Taffy, I was so desperate  that I started to look for other dogs and new puppies. There was no doubt that it had to be dachshund. I was looking for short hair miniature or rabbit size dog at this time. Short haired dogs were not available at that time so somehow I started to look for longhaired dogs. Why not? 

It is like murphy’s law : when you are looking, you do not find anything! Finally I found a suitable dog from Russia : miniature longhair boy from kennel Viverville, Hayreddin – our Happy.

Since the waiting and transport time was 2 months, I still looked for other puppies on Facebook. And there was a small rabbit girl in kennel Alluring Star. There was no thinking – I wanted her and right now. And within an hour I had her home, Strong Soul – our Solly.

I started to go to puppy school with them and we did some trick learning. And then proposed to participate in dog show classes. Again – why not? And the next step was dog shows. 

By today we have achieved many champion titles, completed the hunting exams and I still have big plans for my dogs. Long way to go…

On 12.12.2022 we had gotten our first litter, Litter-A Long hair Rabbit Dachshunds. Born 2 girls : Aphrodite and Athena and 1 boy : Apollon.

Dachshund breed description

  • Utilization: Hunting dog, above and below ground.
  • FCI Group 4: Dachshunds. With working trial.
  • General appearance: Low, short legged, elongated but compact build, very muscular with cheeky, challenging head carriage
    and alert facial expression. His build allows agile, quick work above and below ground. Sexual dimorphism is noticeable.
  • Temperament: Friendly by nature, neither
    fearful nor aggressive, with even temperament. Passionate, persistent and fast hunting dog with an excellent nose.
  • Miniature Dachshund:
    Males: over 32 cm – up to 37 cm
    Females: over 30 up – to 35 cm
    Rabbit Dachshund:
    Males: 27 cm – up to 32 cm
    Females: 25 cm – up to 30 cm
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